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MIXMAG and BUDWEISER announce their Global Music Cultural Partnership, the BudX Global Program

MIXMAG and BUDWEISER are thrilled to announce their Global Music Cultural Partnership, the BudX Global Program. The partnership from the global lead music publication and one of the world’s most admired beverage brands is built around shared ambitions – uniting and giving a stage to outstanding creative minds from different genres and backgrounds, across emerging talent of all levels and giving them a unique opportunity of a global platform. This partnership follows collaborations with brands such as Smirnoff, Pepsi and WAV and further cements Mixmag’s reputation as a leading strategic partner for global brands wishing to connect with their audience through music and culture.

Led by Wasted Talent (Mixmag’s parent company), the coming together of like-minded brands, ensures that Mixmag is able to connect with its global fanbase in unexpected activations and nurturing the next generation of talent. Working alongside Budweiser, Mixmag has crafted a program of the world’s best young talent from all continents around the world with key activations and events to be executed across the globe.

Three day/night events in six targeted markets, kicking off in Paris (April 24- 26, 2019), Ho Chi Minh (May 28- 30), Lagos (June 26 – 28, 2019), Tokyo (August 2019, Cape Town (September 2019) and BudxCity6 (TBC) will be the forefront and kick off of BudX. The entire program will be documented by a series entitled ‘Kings of Culture’ spotlighting progressive talent in each region.

Confirmed artists thus far include – Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plkex, Busy P and Kevin Saunderson.

Alongside this, the Mixmag Lab will be launching Mixmag Lab BudX Edition – a weekly event and streaming show as well as the Icon Series, pairing six iconic artists with six iconic locations, including - Golden Bridge in Vietnam, Chaf Pozi in South Africa, Shibyua Crossing in Tokyo.

“The partnership between Mixmag and Budweiser is an exciting one for us as it is built around shared ambitions - to unite and spotlight outstanding creative minds in music and culture from around the world and give emerging artists a global platform for success. We spent a long time with the team at Budweiser crafting a program that connects the biggest global talent with the absolute best emerging talent from markets around the world, through events, content and media.” – Rebecca Jolly, Managing Director at Wasted Talent US

“As the King of Beers, Budweiser wants to energize young people across the world to seize life’s opportunities, be extra-ordinary, be Kings. The partnership with Mixmag through BUDX is designed to provide a platform for culture creators worldwide to shine while connecting them to wider audiences worldwide.” - Udit Mediratta, Global Brand Director at Budweiser


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