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Cynopsis Live from CES: Interview with Joe Belliotti

By Cathy Applefeld Olson. Audio consumption—from podcasts to audio logos—is hot at CES, hot IRL. On Spotify alone, podcast consumption increased 39 percent from Q2 to Q3 last year. Cynopsis dives deeper in conversation with Joe Belliotti, former head of global music marketing at Coca-Cola and co-founder of The Music Division, an indie “outsourced music department” for emerging and established brands, agencies and creatives.

Audio is in the spotlight this year. Why now, and what promise does audio hold for 2020 and beyond?

JB: Companies are realizing the need for a comprehensive enterprise sound strategy. There are several forces driving this. First, the technology landscape is rapidly changing. The combination of streaming audio, AI, voice control, smart speakers, location-based and other technologies are opening new ways of creating and delivering amazing sound experience. Also, the rise of platforms is reshaping the music industry and creating new opportunities to harness more efficiently and effectively key stakeholders—customers, employees and ecosystem partners. And finally, the creative landscape is changing. Companies can now engage in creative communities in ways that were not feasible in the past. This is making it possible to innovate and drive greater value.

What is the biggest benefit to companies using audio as a key part of their brand strategy?

JB: Companies have focused their energy and resources building their brands through consumers’ eyes. Now with the growth of attention and engagement in sound, brands are realizing they now need to build their brands through the ears. Given the amount of time and attention people are giving to audio, the brands that quickly prioritize sound will have an advantage.

Can you share an activation in which The Music Division is involved, and learnings from that activation?

JB: The Music Division recently partnered Orangetheory with the artist Krewella to create a new anthem song for the brand’s 2020 “Welcome to More Life” campaign. The song will also be the new single from Krewella’s album coming in January 2020. We follow a simple guideline—build relationships, not transactions. The more we can harness the power of collaboration between brands and music the more impactful the outcomes.


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